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TopGrad Alumni is led by Ms. Cimino as part of her Volunteer activities:


Our mission is to provide "Alumni" of Top "Graduate" Schools an opportunity to: 

  • Foster relationships among TopGrad alumni in a social environment. 
  • Exchange ideas with peers about current events, business and your current projects. 
  • Uncover business opportunities and find business partners.
  • Serve as a strong networking organization both professionally and personally.
  • Support the continuous growth of group members as leaders in the community.
  • Meet other TopGrad alumni with similar professional and social interests. 
  • Enjoy cultural and social activities. 
  • Have Fun!!
Type of Events:
  • TGIF - Thank God It's Friday!! - A great start to your weekend! 
  • Business Book Club 
  • Holiday Parties
  • Theater, Lyric Opera, Museum Visit, Ravinia Outing, Charity Ball 
  • Interest Group Dinner 
  • Special Interest Meetings
Get ready for a great 2008/2009 social calendar with a great group of people!!

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in finding out how you can join a committee and contribute to its programming plans send a message to Lucy Cimino.  We welcome volunteers for various committees such as TGIF, Museum, Charity Ball,  and others of interest to you.  Volunteers are expected to suggest events and commit a number of hours to plan and execute the events.   Let's have a good time and help TopGrad Alumni have a great time while doing business in a social environment!!

Receive Invitation For Events

To receive invitations for events  add your name to TopGrad Alumni Invitation list

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Lucy Cimino, Kellogg 90' at

Add Your Name to TopGrad Alumni Invitation List     Return to TopGrad Alumni Events Page

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